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An office cleaning business can be hired for one-time work, such as after the building has been constructed or after a remodeling project, or for regular daily or weekly scheduled visits. Maintaining a well-kept office building will help you attract and keep tenants.

The entryway of your office building is one of the first opportunities you'll have to give your clients and visitors a good first impression, whether they are prospective tenants, business partners or customers. Making sure this area is clean is a good first step to presenting a professional image. Floors, whether carpeted or hard-surfaced, should be cleaned regularly. Windows and glass doors should be free of smudges and spots, and handles and fixtures should look good and be sanitary.

Other areas are also important, though, to maintaining that professional image. Restrooms should be clean and well stocked. Kitchens and break rooms need to be tidy and well maintained. Furniture, fixtures, light switches, computers and telephones can all benefit from regular cleaning. Not only does it help keep a neat appearance, it can also reduce germs and keep employees healthier

A Full-Service Office Cleaning Business

Denver, CO based ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services is a family-owned business that provides a wide array of professional cleaning services to businesses and commercial building owners, including post-construction cleanup, medical office and building cleaning and standard janitorial services. To learn more about the services we offer to Denver, CO businesses, or to schedule a free quote, please contact our office.