Educational Janitorial Services & School Cleaning

More info about Educational Janitorial and School Cleaning

How Can We Benefit Your School's Campus?

Your school facility or other educational building could probably be greener, cleaner, and healthier. We can help you accomplish this. Today, educational facilities are leading the way in the race for greener, more sustainable buildings. Don't be left behind! Our Capture and Removal program cleans your facility better and greener.

Benefits of our Educational Janitorial Services

  • Improved Air Quality - Less VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and dust in the air means more breathable air.
  • Less Absences - Healthier facility, healthier air, healthier people.
  • Fewer Asthma Triggers
  • Higher Student Performance - Believe it or not, better cleaning has been shown to produce better academic performance!*

*Source: Healthy School Environment and Enhanced Educational Performance, The Case of Charles Young Elementary School, Washington, D.C., Carpet & Rug Institute, January 2002.

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