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Documented Training Program for all ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services Employees:

  • Signed off by employees and supervisors providing a higher level of accountability and assurance of quality training
  • On-going training ensures safe and proper methodology is always being used and introduces new methods/processes and technologies

Quality Oversight by Supervisors & Building Managers:

  • "Cleaning Quality Indicator" Surveys done monthly or semi-monthly
  • Employee bonuses linked to customer satisfaction and "CQI" surveys
  • On-going reviews (10-day; 30 day; quarterly and/or annually)

Electronic Time Keeping System:

  • Prevents missed service dates
  • Accurately reflects the time spent in an account to help eliminate abbreviated services
  • Company management has up-to-date perspective of employees' location at any given time

ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services is a Franchisee of ServiceMaster Clean LLC:

  • Has support and resources of a multi-billion dollar company
  • Has the customer service focus of a small local business
  • Has relationships with associated industries to keep us at the leading edge of new processes and technologies
  • Ability to tap into the experience of over 2,000 other franchisees around the country

Cleaners Are Employees of the Company Not Sub-Contractors:

  • Prevents negative legal repercussions to the customer
  • Employees take pride in their professionalism and the professionalism of ServiceMaster Clean
  • If a sub-contractor is used for a specific task (i.e. window washing), we assure proper safety training is performed and proper insurances are carried by subcontractor

30 Day Notification Clause to Terminate Contract:

  • Provides higher level of accountability for ServiceMaster Cleaning & Restoration Services
  • We have to earn your business each and every month

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